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NACCU Virtual Expo Showcase

Introducing the NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase!
Our corporate members are ready to demo their products and services
for you in this new series of online events. These events are 
free to attend
for NACCU institutional members!




Virtual EXPO Showcase: 
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific

The Campus of the Future: Safe, Connected, Modern
What investments are you making to shape the future of your campus experience? How has COVID-19 affected your daily tasks and strategic plans in the near and long term? Smarter technology solutions can streamline your operations and improve your bottom line while also defining the value of the educational experience you offer.

Join this informative session to learn how CBORD’s seamless technology integrations create an enterprise-wide solution unmatched in higher education. By building a connected auxiliary services program with a central identity solution at its hub, you can modernize your campus to meet the demands of Generation Z and beyond.

Hear from Read Winkelman, vice president of sales, on cloud-based and on-premise systems offered by CBORD and its extensive portfolio of software and hardware partners. We’ll cover available solutions to be implemented in the short term, and development plans to deepen integrations between:

  • Mobile, biometric, and card credentials
  • Privilege management and integrated security
  • Housing and student life
  • On- and off-campus dining
  • Menu and foodservice management

Register today to learn how to create the connected campus of the future.

Read Winkelman, VP Sales

Sheri Pape, Higher Education Marketing Manager

Virtual EXPO Showcase:
Atrium by JSA Technologies
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific

Virtual EXPO Showcase: 
eXpress badging
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific

Eliminate the Frustrations of Desktop Photo ID Management Software!
Are you tired of the ongoing management issues and restrictions required by desktop software licenses? We will show you how campuses are using their browser to manage data, securely acquire photos via email, and print to their favorite ID card printer from any computer or mobile device. Need to issue ID cards to off-campus individuals instantly?  We’ll review how our virtual ID solves this problem.  We’ll also showcase other smart features that will save you time like batch photo cropping, auto-selecting and printing ID designs based on logic, and reporting using our robust dashboard.

Attend our Virtual Showcase to learn more, ask questions, and see how easy it will be to get your campus started with a Cloud Based Badging™ solution by eXpress badging™.

Joe French, President

Virtual EXPO Showcase:

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific

Transact Leverages Mobile Technology to Support Social Distancing on Campus Through Capacity Management
Social distancing is one of the most effective means to keep students, faculty and staff safe on campus. Join us to learn how your peers are using mobile technologies to manage social distancing through capacity management in unique ways across campus. Our speakers include Bill Moran, Senior Director of Auxiliary Services, Xavier University. Best practices discussed.  

Capacity Management for dining hall reservations, campus move-in, bookstore pickup, and more.

Mobile, Contactless Payment solutions for safer customer-to-cashier interactions.

Mobile Ordering to reduce physical touchpoints and facilitate social distancing.


Virtual EXPO Showcase:
HID Global

Thursday, October 29, 2020
1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific

HID Signo Readers: Versatile Access Control for a Changing On-Campus Environment 
Access control today requires flexibility. HID Signo™ Readers provide performance and security with adaptability at the core. HID Signo Readers deliver mobile access capabilities, ensure easy migration from Wiegand to OSDP and support the widest range of credential technologies, enabling the option for contactless entry to facilities. Coupled with HID® Reader Manager™ mobile application, universities and colleges can reduce or eliminate physical contact with readers in the field. Administrators can easily adjust configuration settings, upgrade firmware, inspect current reader status and extend functionality from a mobile device. 

Join Tim Nyblom, Higher Education End User Business Manager at HID Global for a presentation, demonstration and Q&A session covering HID Signo Readers, HID Reader Manager and how the solution reduces risk for students, fa culty and staff for a safer and more secure campus. 

Tim Nyblom, Higher Education End User Business Manager 

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Agilysys
Tuesday, November 10, 2020
11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific

Virtual EXPO Showcase:
HID Global
Tuesday, November 17, 2020
1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific

Mobile Credentials - More Control, Less Contact

Compatible with hundreds of mobile devices, students, faculty and employees can leverage intuitive “Tap” and “Twist and Go” gestures to access facilities and more without needing to physically touch cards or readers, including fingerprint or keypad readers. Even more, over-the-air credentialing removes the need for person-to-person issuance or revocation of physical cards for both employees and visitors.

Join Tim Nyblom, Higher Education End User Business Manager at HID Global for a presentation, demonstration and Q&A session to learn more about the functionality and benefits of HID Mobile Access, including current offers that universities and colleges can leverage today.

Tim Nyblom, Higher Education End User Business Manager 


Virtual EXPO Showcase:

Thursday, November 19, 2020
1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific


We Have Mobile . . . But What Have We Done to Eliminate or Minimize the Distribution of Keys?
Over the last two years, we’ve heard great things that are going on in the Campus ID field about the availability of a long-term, sustainable mobile credential solution for students, faculty and staff leveraging their iOS (Apple) or Android devices.  But what about keys?  Most students on many campuses still need keys for access to their on-campus residence.  Most faculty members still need keys for access their classroom(s) and office.

This session will present a variety of Schlage solutions from Allegion, a long-standard NACCU partner, that will help you eliminate key distribution on your campus, elevate the level of security on your campuses, all while working with the systems that you have in place.

Join Allegion and some of their campus customers in reviewing their product portfolio and how they can help your campus minimize key distribution, improve campus security and prepare you for the mobile wave.

Jeff Koziol, Higher Education Specialist – Allegion
Ken Boyer, Mercer University
Other, TBD


Virtual EXPO Showcase:
HID Global
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
1:00PM Eastern / 10:00AM Pacific

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SwiftData Virtual EXPO Showcase
Wednesday, May 20, 2020
1:30PM Eastern / 10:30AM Pacific

Campus-wide Data Integration Made Easy

SwiftData’s Pinwheel DME directly syncs your ERP, housing, scheduling, badging and other admin systems with your door access, one card, library, rec center systems and more. With Pinwheel DME you can automate rights and privileges in these systems without any burden on your IT department, security and card offices. Since you can customize your business rules at scale with Pinwheel, you can create complex workflows resulting in better student service and a safer campus. All at a much lower cost than doing the integration work in-house.

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!

TouchNet Virtual EXPO Showcase
Tuesday, May 26, 2020
1:30PM Eastern / 10:30AM Pacific

The Evolution of Campus Credentials
Credentialing solutions are evolving to benefit students and schools by making campuses more secure, easier to manage, and by providing a holistic view of students. In this webinar, discover how TouchNet's platform approach enables you to create a more contactless campus through NFC, mobile, and leveraging the versatility of a unified credentialing solution that facilitates campuswide access and interaction at every point. Join Fred Emery and Dave Falldien from TouchNet's OneCard team as they share some fresh perspectives on getting the most out of your solution and real-world examples that you can adopt to benefit your students and staff in the long run.

Presenters: Dave Falldien, OneCard Sales Engineer and Fred Emery, OneCard Business Development Manager

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV! 

CloudCard Virtual EXPO Showcase
Wednesday, May 27, 2020
11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific

The latest in Online Photo Submission
Join CloudCard and learn about the latest in Online Photo Submission technology. We will demo the newest features and leave plenty of time for Q&A. Hope to see you there!

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!

HID Global Virtual EXPO Showcase
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific

Enabling choice as institutions redefine what security, convenience and safety mean to them
Physical security is changing rapidly, and in today’s environment there is a lot to consider. Join HID Global as we discuss real-time trends, best practices and solutions for the higher education community. In this webinar, discover how HID is enabling choice as institutions are redefining what security, convenience and safety mean to them. We will touch on key topics, including:

  • What a safe return to campus means today 
  • How to create a strategy for modernization that future-proof against threats
  • How contactless solutions enable compliance with guidelines as they emerge 

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!

Northland Controls Virtual EXPO Showcase
Thursday, June 4, 2020
3:30PM Eastern / 12:30PM Pacific

Are You Locking Your Front Door and Leaving your Back Window Open?
The security of credentials has been in the spotlight for some time. This is an important step in reducing the risk your campus is exposed to. However, this only addresses a fraction of the communication protocols and mediums in use in an access control system. Following a recap of credential security, this session will discuss the roadmap to end-to-end encryption and explore options to reduce vulnerabilities on data in transit and at rest to achieve a holistic security solution.

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!

dormakaba Virtual EXPO Showcase
Wednesday, June 10, 2020
11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific

Simple, Convenient Access Control Expansion with BEST Product Portfolio
dormakaba’s BEST access solutions allow you to upgrade your facility’s door hardware and access control systems quickly and easily.  With a strong history of performance in the education vertical, the BEST product portfolio is ideal for education applications no matter the functional requirements needed.  New door hardware and locks can be installed at a single door or throughout a campus.  Upgrading to electronic access control can be as easy as changing the core to provide better control for who has access to what without the need to manage traditional keys or implementing a fully integrated wired lockset for all the immediate control and monitoring that is required.  Going beyond the door hardware to integrating an access control system, you will expand your control and visibility including the ability to perform audits of all connected access points.  Learn more about upgrading to the BEST product portfolio and how these integrated solutions can improve your control and building efficiency.


The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!


Transact Virtual EXPO Showcase
Thursday, June 11, 2020
3:30PM Eastern / 12:30PM Pacific

Tracking Academic Performance with Transact Attendance
Many studies have been conducted to determine the impact of attendance on academic performance in higher education—making the correlation between higher attendance levels and increased performance. However, taking attendance manually has proven historically challenging, burdensome, time-consuming, error prone, and frustrating for faculty members and administrators.

 Automated attendance tracking is becoming more common in higher education. Financial aid and other reporting requirements are pushing campuses to track attendance and institutions are striving for ways to increase student success and retention.

Join this upcoming webinar to learn how automating attendance tracking can increase efficiencies, identify at-risk students, and enhance the probability of academic success for students. We will demonstrate how monitoring attendance is easy for faculty and provides a simple way for students to check in via a quick tap or swipe of their student ID or mobile credential.


The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!

Princeton Identity Virtual EXPO Showcase
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific

Terry Schulenburg, Director of Business Development


Add Touchless Readers to your Access Control System
As we return to campus, many things will be different. The Covid-19 virus has changed the way we want to interact with card readers and fingerprint verification devices throughout campus. We no longer want to swipe, scan and touch in order to pay for food, or access our labs. During this event, we will demonstrate how our Iris-on-the-Move technology can provide a safer environment with a touchless reader for campus applications. The Access200 biometric readers can be installed quickly for select locations to allow access control and payments while personnel are wearing masks or gloves. Further, our Access200 reader can help you take full advantage of your investment into your existing access control system. Come learn and watch a live demo, and get your questions answered.


The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!


Transact Virtual EXPO Showcase #2
Thursday, June 18, 2020
1:30PM Eastern / 10:30AM Pacific

John Diaz, VP Product Management
Matt Drummond, Solutions Engineer
Kent Pawlak, Senior Director Product Strategy

Use of Mobile First Innovations to Support a Safe, Superior Campus Experience
Our focus continues around our guiding principles for solution development: Mobile First, Connected User Experiences, Modern API Design & Feedback-Driven Continuous Delivery.

Join us for this informative webinar as we discuss our progress in modernizing and expanding our API library to liberate innovation and accelerate solution integration within our wide and deep partner ecosystem. We’ll discuss our key solutions and initiatives that support our Mobile First vision of continuing to improve the campus experience for your mobile-centric students, including:

  • Transact eAccounts — reduce or eliminate card office traffic with online photo submission, real-time account deposits, card lifecycle management and Transact Mobile Credential - a fast, secure NFC-enabled Mobile Credential for Apple Wallet and Google Pay that enables students to simply tap a phone or watch to unlock doors, access events, or make purchases to your campus.
  • Transact Mobile Ordering — a real-time mobile ordering solution that allows students to order and pay in advance as they hustle across campus. Unlike other stand-alone solutions, it’s fully integrated with Transact Cloud POS and eliminates the need to maintain and reconcile multiple systems. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the latest Mobile First technology and how it can help to elevate the student experience on your campus.

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!

Entrust Datacard Virtual EXPO Showcase
Tuesday, June 23, 2020
11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific

Martin Hoff, Product Marketing Manager - Hardware
Mike Galler, Associate Product Marketing Manager

Future of Identity Issuance in Higher Education
During a constant state of change and evolution in today’s technology and today’s world, let’s discuss how Universities can continue to evolve and stay flexible in their ID issuance and card program design. A seamless and efficient system, for employees and students alike, should not have to sacrifice security. This showcase will explore:

  • Emerging trends and opportunities
  • Relevant use cases
  • Key items to keep in mind when thinking about the future of ID issuance systems at your campus

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!


CBORD Virtual EXPO Showcase
Wednesday June 24, 2020
1:30PM Eastern / 10:30AM Pacific

Read Winkelman, VP of Sales
Brett Africk, Director of Platform Sales
Rob Wakelee, Product Owner
Scott Jerabek, Director of Product Management
Beth Koziol, Director of Higher Education Client Development and Sales Support
Sheri Pape, Higher Education Marketing Manager

A Guide to a Safe and Healthy Return to Campus
Life will be different on higher education campuses going forward. While colleges and universities develop strategic reopening plans, administrators and staff must evaluate how to meet public health guidelines for all living, learning, dining, and work environments. Keeping the campus community healthy and safe will be the top priority for a new academic year.

Join CBORD team members as they walk through ways to apply technology solutions for a safer, healthier return. We’ll offer ideas on:

  • Moving to a contactless campus with Apple, Android, and biometric technology
  • Implementing a reservation system for ID card issuance, bookstores, and campus dining
  • Using existing reports in your card system for contact tracing
  • Providing services for quarantined students
  • And more!

Attend our virtual expo to learn how you can prepare your campus for a healthy return. After the session, you’ll receive a copy of our complete guide to reopening campus.

LenelS2 Virtual EXPO Showcase
Tuesday, June 30, 2020
1:30PM Eastern / 10:30AM Pacific

Brandy Edgecombe, Director of Higher Education Solutions
Matt Alford, Director of Business Development

Leveraging Your Security System Investment
Campus security needs are ever evolving. All college campuses have some form of physical access control to protect students, faculty, staff, visitors, and facilities. In today's world, these security systems go far beyond opening and closing doors. Learn how the LenelS2 security portfolio can secure your campus while increasing operational efficiencies through open platforms and integrations. Join Brandy Edgecombe and Matt Alford for an overview of the OnGuard and Netbox security platforms and learn how these tools give you the flexibility and scalability to adapt to ever-changing security requirements.

The recording of this showcase is available on naccuTV!

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