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This week on the NACCU Listserv - May 19, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Crystal Bazarnic
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This Week on the NACCU Listserv

May 19, 2017

This week's topics:

External flash units
ID Card Discounts
Staff and Affiliate ID Cards
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Job Openings

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Here is some of the Staff and Affiliate IDs discussion. Names and institution-specific information have been removed to protect the privacy of subscribers.


Good morning everyone,

We currently require our staff members and other affiliates to submit a physical request form at our office to receive their ID card. Each individual must have this form signed/authorized by their department supervisor. We will occasionally deal with receiving forms by staff or affiliates which have names and signatures we do not recognize, and who may not even be associated with the University. So in theory, anyone could sign off on these forms for staff or affiliates since we don’t have any real system to confirm those signatures. So I have two questions:

  1. Do any schools have a method where departments, on behalf of the staff member or affiliate must submit a similar form electronically, one that might be protected behind a single sign-on system, which would ensure that the department supervisor is in fact a University employee? Or do any schools utilize any type of electronic submission process in general, instead of requiring a physical form?
  1. My second question is slightly unrelated: What affiliate categories do other schools offer? We currently offer the following categories: retiree, visiting graduate, visiting scholar, visiting undergraduate, clergy, volunteer, industrial/contractor, and family. But we are thinking about removing some to keeps things a bit more simple.


We have oodles of affiliate roles, some of which include a card as a priv, others that don’t.  Our carding software is fed daily by Banner feeds so affiliates entitled to a card show up in the system.  We have only a few authorized departments that enter affiliates into our Banner system, so the authorization comes through that process rather than for the card itself.

If you want more information regarding our process and roles, you’re welcome to contact me.

We have integrated with PeopleSoft and a nightly feed creates Paton Records in our CSGold system for all Employees.  We also have an integration with Banner for any students.  For visiting graduate, visiting undergraduate,  and  contractors, we require a formal request letter on school letterhead.  We have specific people/departments who request certain people.  One person requests all contractors, another department requests all visiting students and another request International visitors.   We occasionally get the odd department request and they are handled on a one on one basis. 

All letters are filed by date of Badge completion for Internal Auditing purposes.

Departments can obtain affiliate ID for partnering vendors and contractors whose businesses require frequent access to campus buildings. All affiliate cards have a maximum expiration date of one year after the card issue date, and they must be renewed annually in order to confirm the continuing eligibility of the cardholder and their sponsor. The cost of affiliate ID is $20 if provisioned. The cardholder can pay for the cost at the cashier's office, or may arrange with their sponsoring department to pay for the cost as a recharge.

Affiliate account can be requested and created through our online Identity Management tool and form. We similar affiliate categories, which is fine with us.

We use a "Guest Access Request System" through our portal that allows any employee to request a Guest Account.  We divide the request into two options - 1) an individual that needs a card for just swipe access to facilities or visual inspection by security, and 2) and individual that would need access to university computer systems as well (visiting scholar, etc).  An approver must sign off on the request.  Central Computer Services conducts the identity management match so there are no duplicate ID #'s issued and creates the computer account.  Account maximum time limit is one year and then must be renewed by employee sponsor.  If that employee has left the university, someone else can pick up the sponsorship.  The Guest card will print out the name of the individual, the company and title, and expiration date.  We use plain mag stripe cards and have a very simplistic card design to differentiate from regular employees or students.  At this point, my office absorbs the costs.  That should change int he next fiscal year.

For employees:

All employees with active appointments in the HR database are automatically eligible for ID card issuance without any further authorization from a departmental representative.  Our CBORD CS Gold system receives employee data on a daily basis in an automated fashion.

For non-employee affiliates: 

Non-employee affiliate eligibility must be sponsored by a corresponding campus department via a formal MOU agreement with our office.  The corresponding stipulations authorize eligibility for all affiliates within the designated department from that point forward and the department agrees to pay a $25 fee for all new or replacement cards issued to their sponsored affiliates.

Our Non-Employee Affiliate categories are as follows:

  • Volunteer
  • Visiting Scholar / Visiting Student Researcher
  • Consultant
  • Independent Contractor

We currently do not issue retiree IDs except for Emeriti appointments and their IDs are not any different than the Faculty IDs issued prior to retirement.  If they have not lost the ID, there is no need to replace it; if they have lost the ID, they will receive an identical replacement.

Visiting students with an official registration status receive a student ID identical to all other student ID cards for that cohort (i.e. undergraduate or graduate).

Sponsored family members are entered as volunteers.

Non-degree-seeking students attending Summer Sessions or UC Extension Concurrent Enrollment programs are issued IDs that identify those affiliations.  The data is received from the source Student Information Systems database.


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