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This week on the NACCU Listserv

Friday, May 12, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Crystal Bazarnic
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This Week on the NACCU Listserv

May 12, 2017

This week's topics:

Naming Conventions
Favorite ID Camera
Issuing Campus Police Cards
Staff Titles

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Here is some of the Staff Titles discussion. Names and institution-specific information have been removed to protect the privacy of subscribers.



Do you print faculty/staff complete titles on your cards or do you print a general classification such as Faculty, Staff?  Do you have any recommendations either way?


Certain offices really want their titles printed, so I have both options set up in my badge types. You don’t tell the President that he doesn’t get his title on his badge. But generally we don’t print it.

We do print the status ( Faculty/Staff or Student or both) as it applies at the time the card is issued. We do not print titles.

We print working title and department name on our fac/staff cards. 

We print department for either Staff or Faculty. Faculty of engineering, business or Human Resources etc.

We just print the basic info – Student or Staff or Faculty. Vendor we print the vendor company name. People were always changing their status, especially faculty, every other semester.  Plus real estate on the card is limited.

We print the general classification of  Faculty/Staff on the card. We do not print titles as there is no option in the program to do this and if there was I don’t think there would be enough room as some titles are fairly long.

We use a general classification for all Faculty/Staff except our Nursing Faculty.  If they are in this classification, we use a special nursing designation to enable them to visit/teach at the various hospitals and other nursing facilities in the surrounding areas.  We also amend their last names to reflect titles, i.e., RN, LPN, etc.

We give the option of having their titles. Some are okay with the general classification; while some prefer to have their appropriate designations on ID Card.

We print general classification titles (Faculty, Staff, Contractor,..) but we print full titles of senior administrators with their department names.

We have separate card templates for faculty and staff/ this allows us to print a department and/ or title on card. 

We have card stock for students that say “Student” across the top and separate card stock with “Faculty/Staff” across the top. We do not print out titles.

We too print Faculty/Staff, Visitor, and (rarely) one of our other classifications.  They populate in Datacard automatically, pulled from Banner. The point about how often titles change made me glad we DON’T print them. That would be a lot of extra plastic!

We print the affiliation of Faculty/Staff under the photo. 

We print either Faculty, Staff or Student.

We have two different preprinted card designs for students and employees.  One design is horizontal and the other is vertical.  No titles or programs are printed as we found these to be fluid and wanted to avoid reprints.

We allow a primary and a secondary title based on the following priority order
Faculty > Staff > Student > Medstar > Affiliate > Visitor > Alumni
So a bunch of people are "Staff/Student"
If they only have one association, they would only be that, so "Staff"
We stay away from professional titles and department names.
We also have the concept of primary classification. A person can only have one and it is assigned in the same priority order as above.
The classification drives a color code printed on the card.

Same here. Faculty/Staff and Student.  We also do Affiliate ID’s for non employees such as contractor’s, some summer camp personnel, etc.  There is a form on our HR web site that has section for sponsoring staff/dept song with background check documentation.  Our HR dept creates a record on colleague with an ID #.  We use same card design and within the status field it pulls Affiliate.  We did this due to the number of people on our campus with contracted services, building renovations, etc.  They also needed door access once we went with card access.  What sold it for us is that they would be card carrying and they had a record on our University database for Public Safety and Risk Management.

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