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NACCU 2019 Annual Conference
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26th Annual NACCU Conference 

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 NACCU 2019 is where campus identification and transaction systems professionals in higher education gather to:

  • Connect with other people who do what you do 
  • Expand your knowledge at educational sessions
  • Explore trends in technology and services in the exhibit hall
  • Learn about options to bring more convenience and services to your campus community

The NACCU Annual Conference is the only national event that focuses specifically on the technological advances, marketing innovations, and business practices involved with implementing, operating, and expanding a successful campus card program.

Register today and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities available to you at the NACCU Annual Conference. See you in Hartford!

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NACCU 2018 Annual Conference Reviews:

"I appreciated how open and friendly everyone was - whether this was their 1st conference or 30th. I felt that the NPI was a very positive way to learn about the industry and to get to know other participants."

"The exhibit hall was the best; educational sessions were great too."

"The education sessions were valuable, but most importantly for me it was when you break out from session, lunch or breakfast, and you bump into into someone and have an unexpected but most valuable conversation."

"Networking was so valuable - and realizing a lot of us are in similar situations."

"I like NACCU and see it as being more valuable than the specific vendor-supported users conferences."

"The networking opportunities were excellent."

"This was only my second NACCU conference and I can't begin to tell you how much this has helped advance our university card program. The NACCU standards and guidelines have been a priceless resource and development tool."

"I had an amazing time and learned so much in such a short period of time."

"From all of my heart, this was one of a kind experience for me. I have worked with Card Services for the last five years but after attending this conference I learned there are so many areas where I can use the NACCU website and its content."

"I am so grateful that NACCU takes the time to put on this conference. Well organized, very relevant information. I was able to connect with people who are in or have been in my position."

"Don't call it a conference - it is more like a family reunion!"

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Download Session Files:

NACCU 2019 Session Files

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2_Modern_Marketing_Taking_On_Mobile_Alabama_Pe.pdf PDF (4.29 MB) Administration 4/1/2019
3_From_No_Card_to_OneCard_Swarthmore_Condo_Cos.pdf PDF (318.93 KB) Administration 4/1/2019
3_Mobile_Credentials_Clemson_Tegen_Robbins.pdf PDF (889.25 KB) Administration 4/1/2019
1_Cloud_Based_Printing_Clemson_Hembree_Robbins.pdf PDF (429.95 KB) Administration 4/1/2019
8_Generating_Sales_Growth_Trent_Kidd_Murdoch.pdf PDF (1.1 MB) Administration 4/1/2019
3_What_Does_a_Tablet_Have_to_Do_with_It_Libert.pdf PDF (2.77 MB) Administration 4/1/2019
5_The_Road_to_Mobile_Credentials_Duke_Lawyer.pdf PDF (2.05 MB) Administration 4/1/2019
1_ACTCard_in_Apple_Wallet_Alabama_Brooks.pdf PDF (4.33 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
1_Food_Insecurity_UCMerced_Cereno.pdf PDF (1.91 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
2-How Online Photo Submission Changed Orientation PDF (11.06 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
2-NACCU Technology Committee PDF (931.92 KB) Administration 4/8/2019
3_Track_Campus_Training_NDSU_McCrory.pdf PDF (3.68 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
3 _Your Staff is Your Steam PDF (1.74 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
4_NACCU_2019_SAGS.pdf PDF (1.25 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
3_Needs_Assessment_Minnesota_Courchane.pdf PDF (904.86 KB) Administration 4/8/2019
4 - Break the Brain Freeze PDF (8.95 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
4 - ID Issuance Software Spins a Web PDF (1.2 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
4 - Break the Brain Freeze HANDOUT PDF (15.89 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
4 - Implementing Strategy - Mobile Credential PDF (6.62 MB) Administration 4/8/2019
1-Mobile Access is the Killer App PDF (3.41 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
5 - Robot Food Delivery at George Mason University PDF (3.97 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
5-Wireless Locks 101 PDF (818.64 KB) Administration 4/9/2019
6_Expanding_the_Card_Office_USC_Bourlier.pdf PDF (2.77 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
6 - Coin Drop: Upping Engagement at Orientation PDF (4.14 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
6 - Student Life Simplified PDF (3.78 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
5_New_Cloud_One_Card_Solution_Arizona_ScreenCh.pdf PDF (865.01 KB) Administration 4/9/2019
6 - UofA CardsOnline Project Sheet PDF (2.89 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
5_Zero_to_100_Card_Merger_UWWhitewater_Halbach.pdf PDF (1.37 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
6- NACCU Card Services Elevator Speech PDF (42.57 KB) Administration 4/9/2019
5 GDPR and its Implications for You PDF (3.41 MB) Administration 4/9/2019
LL3_Driving_Customer_Engagement_Loyalty_and_On.pdf PDF (14.64 MB) Administration 4/10/2019
LL2-Own_your_Own_Key.pdf PDF (259.45 KB) Administration 4/10/2019
LL1-How_Technology_is_Reshaping_Retail_Experie.pdf PDF (10.98 MB) Administration 4/10/2019
8_-_Generating_Sales_Growth_NACCU_Presentation.pdf PDF (1.92 MB) Administration 4/10/2019
7-Engaging_Students_Mobile_Ordering_FINAL.pdf PDF (7.15 MB) Administration 4/10/2019
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