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NACCU 2015 

NACCU 2015
New Orleans, LA
March 8-11, 2015

Sponsored by:

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NACCU 2015 New Orleans

NACCU 2015

Jazz Up Your Program

The 22nd Annual NACCU Conference was held in New Orleans on March 8 - 11,  2015, at the Sheraton New Orleans.





NACCU 2015 Attendee Roster by Name (PDF) - Updated 03/16/15

NACCU 2015 Attendee Roster by Region (PDF) - Updated 03/16/15

Schedule of Events

Educational Session Downloads

Monday March 9, 2015
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Block 1

Using Web Apps for Attendance and Event Management  Napoleon D1
Abe Cereno, University of California, Merced

Moving from Mag at Mount Holyoke   Grand Ballroom D        Dining Device Analytics
Douglas Vanderpoel, Mount Holyoke College

The Possibilities are Endless   Borgne
Jessica Bender and Samhurline Etienne, Palm Beach State College

Increase your Program’s Value to Students with Outside Merchant Relationships  Grand Couteau
Mikhail Ilin, Suffolk University

Roundtable Discussion: Revenue Sources  Napoleon D3
Lindsey Howard, The University of Alabama

Taking Student Success to the Cloud  Grand Chenier
Read Winkelman, CBORD

Best-In-Class Student Experience with Wearable Technologies  Grand Ballroom E
Adam Clark, IDenticard and Beth Soucy, Loft, LLC

Mag stripe x Contactless cards x Mobile: Pros, Cons, Challenges, and Myths  Maurepas
Samuelson Drumond, Santander Universities; Ron Ardizzone, Bentley University; Jorge Lanza, University of Cantabria

AnchorMonday March 9, 2015
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Block 2

Program Review: An Approach to Continuous Improvement  Napoleon D1
David Anthony, Ohio State University

Strategic Growth of Your Off-Campus Program  Grand Chenier
Rachel Reinagel, Washington University in St. Louis and Angela Sarno, CBORD

Less is More: Streamlining Commerce for the Campus Advantage  Grand Ballroom E
Paul DeRosse, Apriva

EMV and You: What You need to Know About the Next Payment Standard  Grand Ballroom D
Brian Hendrix, Sequoia Retail Systems

Folding the NACCU SAGs into the Program Review Process at Colorado State University  Borgne
Peter Martinez, Colorado State University

Photo Upload: Buy vs. Build  Maurepas
Tony Erskine, SharpTop Software

Marketing to Millennials  Grand Couteau
Justine Knutson, University of Minnesota

AnchorMonday March 9, 2015
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Block 3

OneCard Planning – Should You and Can You?  Napoleon D1
John Beckwith, Loyola Marymount University

How the Selfie Saved September: Cutting Down your Card Office Line  Grand Couteau
Jason Bowers, University of Calgary

Leading on Purpose: Strategic Leadership to Position your Card Office as a Critical Office on Campus  Grand Ballroom E
Kristy Vienne, Sam Houston State University

Event Access: From Purchase to Entry  Borgne
Georgia Southern    Georgia Institute of Technology
Donald Smith, Georgia Institute of Technology and Tim Stahl, Georgia Southern University

Roundtable Discussion: Preferred Name  Napoleon D3
Carolyn Hartley, University of New Mexico

Technology Migration Planning for Campus Cards  Grand Ballroom D
Jeff Koziol, Allegion and Mike Callahan, Northeastern University

Moving Campus Commerce Forward - a Unified Platform including the Campus Card  Grand Chenier
Fred Emery, Heartland Campus Solutions

Real-Life Lessons in Creating Successful Campus Card Programs  Maurepas
Stephanie Perez, University of Arizona; Dawn Martinez, Michigan State University;
John Wadden and Annika Matas, Zebra Technologies

AnchorMonday March 9, 2015
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Block 4

Card Office Manuals 101  Grand Couteau
Sheryl Puckett, Arkansas State University

A 20 Year Journey:  Pushing the Limits to Succeed  Grand Ballroom E
Mark McKenna, Amy Surprenant, and Tracy Smith, The University of Vermont

Learn How To Negotiate ... with Vendors!  Napoleon D1
Robert Huber, Robert Huber Associates

Stewarding the Campus Card Program: A Case Study in Developing the Irish1Card  Borgne
Scott Kachmarik and Dan Tormey, University of Notre Dame

Roundtable Discussion: Disaster Recovery Planning  Napoleon D3
Dave Falldien, Dalhousie University

Jazz up your Campus Card Banking Program with Financial Education  Maurepas
Vernon Sloan, Wells Fargo Bank

Valpo’s Big Easy Integration of PoE, WiFi and Wall Readers Locks   Grand Chenier
Joanne Pesavento, Valparaiso University and Jim Primovic, PERSONA

Mobile Access in a University Environment:  What You Should Consider  Grand Ballroom D
Debra Spitler, HID Global

AnchorTuesday, March 10, 2015
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Block 5

Using SharePoint to Gain Efficiency in Your Card Office Operation  Grand Couteau
Joe Russo and Ryan Taylor, Drexel University

Leveraging Mobile to Solve Problems and Support Strategic Campus Card Initiatives  Maurepas
Ben Anderson, Tapingo; Shira Fogel, University of Alabama - Birmingham; Joanne Pesavento, Valparaiso University

Condensing Separate Access Systems into One  Borgne
Jessica Fellows and Tina Blanks, Southern Polytechnic State University

Keeping up with Technology: Online Photo Submission  Grand Ballroom E
Jay Kohn and Anne Pinkowski, Stanford University

Roundtable Discussion with Scott Klososky  Napoleon D3
Scott Klososky

Money Matters on Campus: Key Insights into How Financial Well-Being Affects Pathways to Success  Napoleon D1
Mary Johnson, Higher One, Inc.

Open Architecture is the New Black  Grand Chenier
Jon Gear, Atrium Campus Card System

Contactless Cards or Phones - What’s a Campus to Do?  Grand Ballroom D
David Stallsmith, ColorID

AnchorTuesday, March 10, 2015
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Block 6

Card Production Efficiency, Photo Submission, and Customer Service During Orientation  Grand  Ballroom E
Wendy McCrory and Diane Harrison, North Dakota State University

Effective Methods for Email Management  Grand Couteau
Joe Russo, Drexel University

Biometrics Are Coming!  Maurepas
Todd Brooks, ColorID, LLC; Richard Wynn, Georgia Southern University; Danny Anthes, George Mason University

Changing the World One ‘To-Go’ Container at a Time  Napoleon D1
Abe Cereno and Jason Souza, University of California, Merced

Contactless Smart Cards & ID Issuance - Control your Keys, Control your Future  Borgne
Tom Stiles and Danielle Jorgensen, Identification Systems Group

Roundtable Discussion: Using Rewards to Add Value to Your Card  Napoleon D3
Ellen Robinson-Wyatt, University of Cincinnati

On-Premise vs. Hosted vs. Cloud  Grand Ballroom D
Jeff Staples, Blackboard Inc.

Innovative IDs: 10 Unique Use Cases Every Campus Should Consider  Grand Chenier
Andrew Hudson, CR80 News

AnchorWednesday March 11, 2015
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Block 7

Auditing and Program Awareness  Borgne
Peggy Harrison and Teresa Huffman, University of Central Missouri

Campus Cards in a Post-EMV World - Leverage Technology that is Now a Standard in the
Payment Industry
NXP Semiconductors   Mastercard   Santander Bank
Jose Correa, NXP Semiconductors; Oliver Manahan, MasterCard; Samuelson Drumond, Santander Bank

Rewind: Marketing Highlights (and Lowlights) of 2014   Grand Couteau
Melissa Hannah, University of New Brunswick

Roundtable Discussion: NACCU Listening Tour   Napoleon D3
Jessica Bender, Palm Beach State College

The Age of Wearables: How to Increase Security and Convenience using Wearables
and other Smart Devices
  Grand Chenier
Daniel Bailin, HID Global

AnchorWednesday March 11, 2015
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Block 8

Conducting A Review of Your Card System  Borgne
Maera Bradberry and Ellen Till, University of West Florida

Keeping Cool During Large Carding Events by Planning, Planning, Planning!  Grand Couteau
Michaela Fleming, Georgetown University

Leveraging the ID Card for Event Tracking using FileMaker Software  Maurepas
Dale Simpson and Robert Monasky, Oregon State University

Keep the Momentum Going  Grand Chenier
David Totton, University of New Brunswick

Roundtable Discussion: Online Photo Submission   Napoleon D3
Deborah Nightingale, Liberty University

AnchorLearning Labs
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Session 1: 9:30AM

How To Outsource Your One Card Data Integrations
Brian Adoff, SwiftData Technology

Help, We Have to Re-Card our Campus!
Tim Nyblom, ColorID

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Session 2: 10:30AM

Save Time, Money, and Resources with My Photo!
Lisa Bona, Emory University
Alan 'AJ' Jacubenta, MyPhoto, LLC

High Capacity Secure Card Issuance
Rob Miskelly, IDP Card Printers

Session 3: 11:30AM

Cloud Card: The Big Easy Photo Upload App
Tony Erskine, SharpTop Software

Student Advantage: Savings, Satisfaction, and Suffolk University
Mikhail Ilin, Suffolk University
Gary Siconolfi, Student Advantage

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