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In this blog, you will receive tips, information, and updates regarding using the NACCU website and getting the most out of its features. Subscribe if you want to learn more about how to do everything on the website!


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Simplifying Training with the NACCU New Employee Primer Guide

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Monday, November 26, 2018

Simplifying Training with the NACCU New Employee Primer Guide

On Tuesday, October 31, the Professional Development Committee held a NACCU Web Conference detailing how to use the New Employee Primer Guide to onboard new employees and get them up to speed quickly and thoroughly.


The purpose of the NACCU New Employee Primer Guide is to provide campus card offices with a training guide template that can be customized for each university's card office. This guide will be a living document as campus card offices are continually growing.


If you missed the Web Conference, you may watch it now.
(link opens in new window)


The Primer Guide template may be downloaded from the NACCU website under the Resources tab. NACCU members must be logged in to the NACCU website to access the Primer Guide web page. If you are not a member of NACCU, visit and join now to access this valuable resource!


Thank you to the Primer Guide Working Group for your dedication to this project. The Working Group consists of:

Amy Fox, FSUCard Program Manager, Florida State University
Kim Graham-Pfeffer, Director, Emory Card, Emory University
Sheryl Puckett, Director of Campus Card, Arkansas State University
Jörrun Liston, Education Director, NACCU

Jessica Bender from Palm Beach State College and Sheila St. Laurent from the University of the Frazier Valley also assisted.


We appreciate all involved for bringing this valuable new resource to our NACCU members. 

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The NACCU Campus Profile

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Monday, May 28, 2018
Updated: Friday, May 25, 2018

The Campus Profile

Have you ever wondered if there is another campus within driving distance of you that uses the same card service provider? How about a school that has successfully integrated two unrelated services? Maybe you'd like to reach out to someone who has partnered with a vendor you are interested in?

With the Campus Profile, now you can!

Campus identification and transaction systems professionals are continually challenged to make strategic decisions rooted in informed research. The Campus Profile is a comprehensive resource that gives you 24-hour access to insights related to transaction and credential data for NACCU member schools. 

How to Enter your Profile Data

It all starts with the Organizational Profile. Each NACCU member has an Organizational Profile, and the individuals who work for that institution have Individual Profiles. (Want to know more about these profiles? Click here.)

The Organizational Profile includes fields to enter a variety of demographic data. Once you are logged in as your organization, click here (or go to Manage Profile from the link on the right) and start entering your information. You can enter as much or as little data as you would like to share, but the more you share, the more useful the search tool is for NACCU members. If you do not know the answer to a certain question, skip it and move on. When you have completed entering the profile data, click Submit and you are done! You may come back at any time to make updates. Or if there is someone else who is better suited for entering this information, you may share your organizational login with them and allow them to do so. 

How to Use the Search and Spreadsheet

Then comes the best part! Visit the search page here (or under Campus Profile on the NACCU website) and search for schools using any of the available fields. From there, you may click on a result to retrieve contact information for that institution so you may reach out to them. This page is only visible to NACCU members who are logged in to the website. 

Or - if you are seeking to analyze and compare the member data, you may download the data in spreadsheet form (without contact information) from the search page above. This spreadsheet is updated monthly.

Your participation in Campus Profile is important. Please invest time to share your campus demographics in the database, and access the valuable and practical information in this intuitive tool.


Your Privacy


Regarding your privacy, this demographic data is only shared with members of NACCU logged in to the NACCU website. Any analysis or reporting of this data by NACCU will only be performed in aggregate and will not include individual institution data. You may get a complete look at NACCU's Data Protection and Privacy Policy here.


Enjoy using the NACCU Campus Profile!

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How to Access The Vault Member Resource Libraries

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Saturday, September 23, 2017
Share and learn by opening The Vault!

The Vault contains a collection of collaborative file libraries which allow you to sharefiles that may help other members develop their card programs, and download files for use as inspiration and discussion for your projects.

You must be a member of NACCU to access The Vault. To join, visit

If you require login assistance or if there is a file library you would like to see added to The Vault, please contact us at

How to access and use The Vault

To view videos at full size, click on the YouTube text when the video begins playing to view on the YouTube website.

Part 1: How to access The Vault

Part 2: How to upload and download images in photo galleries

Part 3: How to upload and download files in file libraries

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The NACCU Listserv

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Thursday, March 17, 2016

The NACCU Listserv

The naccu-l listserv is a wonderful resource for our institutional members. (Sorry, corporates - but look for new ways for you to engage with the community soon!).

Right now, there are some very interesting discussions taking place on the listserv:

  • Door access requests
  • Off-campus programs
  • Is your ID considered a state-issued ID?
  • Expiration dates

It's a fantastic resource for bouncing ideas off your peers, seeing how they do things, and getting feedback about what you are doing.

BUT - 

You have to ask to be included in it.

The listserv is hosted by our friends at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. So it is not in any way connected to our member database.

This means if you want to add new people to the listserv or change your email address, you need to send an email to to inform us.

To add someone to the listserv:

Send an email to with the following information:

Email address

One thing to note is that if the individual uses an alias for email, we need the real email address in order for them to be able to post on the listserv. So if their alias is, but their real email address that points to that simpler one is, we need the second one for the listserv. You can keep the alias for the member database.

Please make sure you add the individual to your organization before requesting listserv access. 

To change your email address in the listserv

Send your name and your new email address to Bam. Done.

Remember that the listserv database is not connected to the member database, so be sure to change your email address on your profile as well.

"I love the IDEA of the listserv.
            But I hate all those emails!"

You can choose to receive your listserv messages in another format. 

Mail: Receive messages to your email address as they are contributed to the list. This is the default setting, and the typically the preferred member type.


Digest: Receive all of the daily messages in digest format in one e-mail.


MIME Digest: Receive all of the daily messages in one e-mail in MIME format. With MIME, each message is received as an attachment to the email.


Index: Receive a daily index of the subject lines of the messages of the day. You can then view them with the web interface.


Nomail: Don't receive list contributions to your e-mail address. You can view messages with the web interface.


To change to one of these other formats, just let us know at - you guessed it -


Enjoy listservin'!


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Log in with Facebook

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Friday, March 11, 2016

Log in with Facebook

Hey NACCU members - are you sick of having to login to the NACCU website every time you visit?

Now, NACCU offers the ability to login through your Facebook account. Go to and click the "Connect with Facebook" link. Once your profile is connected with Facebook, you will be automatically logged into NACCU on any PC/device where you are logged into Facebook.

You can also easily share anything on the NACCU site on Facebook.

Using this feature does not give NACCU the ability to view your Facebook profile or post to Facebook on your behalf.

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How to add a workshop or guest ticket to an existing registration

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Thursday, March 10, 2016

How to add a workshop or guest ticket to an existing registration

Cross-posted from NACCU 2016 blog

You've already registered for the conference.

But you've just read about the NPI, Professional Development Workshops, or the campus tour of UC Berkeley and you really want to go!

Or - you just found out your spouse can come with you and he/she wants to go to the NACCU Night Out event.

How do you add one of these items to your registration?

1.    Log into the site using your individual login credentials

2.    On the “Manage Profile” page, go to Event Registrations under Invoicing, Payments & History. A quick link to this page is here (opens in new window):

3.    Click the icon to the left of your name under NACCU 2016. Looks like this: 

4.    Go through the registration process, selecting the events/sessions you would like to add.

5.    Checkout – your total will only include the sessions/events you added if you have already paid for conference registration.

If you require assistance, please contact us through the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Tags:  2016  add  conference  development  edit  guest  npi  professional  registration  tickets 

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NACCU Career Center

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NACCU Career Center

The Career Center is another new self-service feature on the new website.

Posting job opportunities on the website has always been a benefit of NACCU membership, but now you can easily post them yourself!

The Career Center is found under the COMMUNITY tab in the top menu..

Once there, you can view open positions or submit your own. To see all openings, click on Search Openings, then leave all fields blank.

You can also subscribe to the Career Center to be notified whenever new positions are posted.

If you would like me to share your opening on NACCU's social media channels, just email me at 


A related website feature is the ability to add your resume to the site - which you can do even if you aren't currently seeking a new position. It is another way to share your experience with other members.

To upload your resume, go to Create Resume/CV  over on the right under My Profile. Once you enter your resume information, you will have some options regarding privacy. 


Tags:  career  job  opening  opportunity  posting  resume 

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Adding individuals to your NACCU membership

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Monday, March 7, 2016

Adding individuals to your NACCU membership

Are there other people in your office who would like to take advantage of all the great benefits of NACCU membership?

Perhaps they would like to subscribe to the listserv, meet other NACCU members, participate in networking, attend NACCU events, and view and download files.

One of the great things about your membership is that the number of individuals you can add to your account is unlimited!

However - adding them requires instructions.

The first thing you have to do is login using your Organization login. The person who set up your membership or the primary representative should have received a login for your school or company. If you aren't that person, you will either need to have that person take it from here, or use your powers of persuasion to have that person share the login credentials with you.

If it isn't working, try signing OUT of your individual account first.

Once you are successfully logged in as your organization, you will find yourself on the Manage Profile page. You want to scroll down the page just a bit to a section called Manage Representatives. Click on it. (If you don't see that section, you are likely still logged into your individual account.) 

Once on that page, scroll down, and you will see a big blank text box that allows you to enter email addresses.

Simply enter the email addresses of anyone you would like to add under your organization membership and click SUBMIT. They will receive an invitation to add themselves to the database under your organization. Now your part is done, and it is all up to them.

Once they add themselves, they can login to the site. They will need to let us know at whether they would like to subscribe to the listserv though, as that is a different database.

As always, you can contact us if you require assistance. If you are confused about individual vs. organization logins, go back in time to the previous post in this blog, and get the info.

Tags:  add  individual  member  membership  organization  representative 

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Individual vs. organization accounts

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Friday, March 4, 2016
Updated: Friday, May 25, 2018

Individual vs. Organizational Profiles

Let's talk about how member profiles are set up in our member database.

When an organization (a campus or a business) joins NACCU, the organization owns the membership.

Each individual is a sub-account under the main account.

This can be confusing though, because along with the main account comes TWO logins to the website.

You have an organizational profile, and an individual profile, each with its own login.


The primary representative or the person who sets up their organization's membership will receive the login for the organization by email after joining NACCU.


Each individual will receive their individual login information after being added to the database.


Individual profiles are used for:

  • event registrations (such as NACCU conference registration)
  • personal data such as your bio, photos, resume, group memberships, posting in forums, commenting on articles and blogs, making connections with other members, and anything you do as an individual


Organizational profiles are used for:

  • membership dues purchase/renewals
  • campus profile data - this includes data from the Member Profile spreadsheet for institutional members, or Corporate Profiles for corporate members.
  • adding, deleting or attaching individual representatives to your organization

Think of it this way - anything that an INDIVIDUAL does is done through your individual account. Would your school uproot itself from the ground and attend the conference? No, let's hope not. So you wouldn't use the organizational profile to register for the conference.

Just remember to login using your individual account unless you are paying dues, adding or removing individuals, or updating your organization's Campus Profile data and all should be OK. 

If you ever need assistance with your login or find yourself confused, you can contact us. There's a link up there at the top of this page (and every page on the site) to do so. 

Tags:  account  individual  login  organization 

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Easy-peasy file sharing on the new

Posted By Crystal Bazarnic, Thursday, March 3, 2016

Easy-peasy file sharing on the new

One of the most exciting benefits of our new website is that you can self-manage a lot of what you do. There are (and will be) so many ways to interact with the site.

Nothing illustrates that better than our File Libraries

If you go to Resources after logging in, you'll see a sub-menu called File Libraries. Once you hover over that, another sub-menu will pop out with a variety of file collections and photo galleries.

In the past, if you wanted to share your RFPs, policy and procedure manuals, job descriptions, marketing materials, card designs, or card program logos, you would have to email it to us and wait for us to upload it.

Now, you can easily add your documents and images yourself.

Try it now - do you have something you would like to share with other members? These files and images are only available to NACCU members and are invisible to public site visitors.

Tags:  card designs  job descriptions  photo gallery  rfp 

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